I want to be your candidate, and ultimately your Member of Parliament, in Kanata Carleton because I believe I have a unique combination of community connections and support, nation building ideas and electoral experience.

This is what I bring to the table as your candidate:

• a deep understanding of and compassion for the people and businesses of our community
• A tireless energy and enthusiasm for helping our community
• The grit to advocate for the needs of our community

News and Updates

Great local coverage of my nomination campaign: Megan Cornell announced she is seeking the federal Liberal nomination for the new riding of Kanata-Carleton.
“The interest in the 2015 election is incredible. I've never seen that much interest in an election that’s a year away,” she said. “What made me want to jump in (to politics) again is the difference that Justin Trudeau is making and the young energetic team he’s bringing to the table.READ MORE>>>

We Endorse Megan



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Approved by the CFO for the Megan Cornell Nomination Campaign. Copyright Megan Cornell 2014