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Ottawa Council Dereliction of Duty

When I vote in an election, I am tasking the person I vote for with making the best informed decision that person can make.  If I were to be put in the place of making those same decisions, I would insist on collecting all the relevant facts, weighing the issues and costs and benefits of different choices, and then I would make the best decision I could.  I would reject making decisions without all the relevant facts at my disposal, particularly if those facts could be collected given more time.  The more important the issue and the more far reaching the consequences of my decision, the more careful I would be to not rush into making a decision without all the relevant facts.  Informed decision making is a duty of elected office. more »

The Mess That Is Casino Decision Making In Ottawa

I am finally breaking a long political-blogging silence and it is the Ottawa “casino debate” (or really, lack of debate) which has pushed me to do it.  If you have spent any time at a coffee shop or around a boardroom table with me over the past (almost) two years, you will know that I continue to hold many passionate political opinions, I just haven’t felt compelled to put pen to paper until now. more »